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Soylent as a Google Summer of Code project

Much to my surprise, Soylent has been suggested as an idea for a Gnome Google Summer of Code project by rockstar pre-lawyer Luis Villa.

I found out because a university student (Sven Pfaller) contacted me to see if I could mentor him on Soylent. We've been discussing ideas rapidly over the last week, and I'm really looking forward to bringing new contributors into the project. I have to admit that it gives me sudden inspiration as well.

The only concern is the requirement that Gnome mentors be a Gnome Foundation member. I applied as soon as I found out (last Saturday), but it may be a really close call - the application says processing can take up to a month. Since the Summer of Code timeline says all mentors must be signed up by April 11th, I'm assuming I have to be a Foundation member by then.

Does anyone have any suggestions for ways I can speed up the membership application process? Or should I just wait patiently? :)

I'll leave Sven's Summer of Code application to explain the project idea we worked out. At the same time, I've added another idea to the idea wiki page about making group event planning easy in Soylent (think: scheduling a party in under a minute, including calendaring). I think it'd be a fun idea and depending on the implementation, has a wide range of difficulty levels (who's up for a challenge?!).

You know I'm excited when I bust out the interrobang.

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