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Re: I strongly disagree with the decision

Ok, I posted that long anonymous rant about strongly disagreeing with the decision,

but now that I've slept on it... and done some more research about JavaScript, I've changed my mind and I think it is probably an "okayish" decision.

JavaScript seems to be quite fast (depending on the implementation of course), and that's a good enough reason to win me over. And as someone pointed out, the bad reputation doesn't necessarily apply to desktop, as there'll be only one engine running the code (in Gnome), and that engine will be the one used in development.

I hope you make a great (small and efficient) IDE or something like that to make development truly fast. Geany might be a good start...

And as I already said, I really really love Gnome shell (which I believe uses JavaScript), and so it seems that it can be used to create fast enough UI code.

Maybe its just me, but maybe JavaScript really needs a name change! (I believe it used to be called ECMAScript or something like that, before weirdly branded with the Java thing, but ECMAscript doesn't really cut it neither.)

Re: I strongly disagree with the decision

"Maybe its just me, but maybe JavaScript really needs a name change!"

Used to be LiveScript. Then it got submitted to the European Computer Manufacturers Association for certification as ECMAScript. If you want to know more about it, watch Douglas Crockford from Yahoo! talk about it, he's very entertaining as a geek.

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