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Re: I agree with the anonymous poster above

What I'm saying is that if Gnome people know this decision is going to make lots of people unhappy, may be they should invest resources in make the point clear and convince unhappy people that they are wrong.

I hope I've made the various points clear and others at the hackfest and others who agree with us can elaborate even further. But there's no way to convince everyone that they're "wrong". The best we can do is explain ourselves, do the work we plan, and show the benefits of our conclusions over time.

Focusing in Javascript means nobody is interested any more in improving [Python documentaton].

We absolutely welcome people working on the Python documentation to keep doing what they're doing and we'll happily continue to incorporate it.

But, in a way, having people not work on that is a side goal -- if we want to maximize the efficiency of our platform developers, we'll want them to focus their time on our primary development stack (C and its docs/tools for libraries, JavaScript and its docs/tools for applications). Focusing time on our primarily-supported stack necessarily means spending less time on our secondary ecosystem.

But that's incidental. Nothing about our choice to improve JavaScript support prevents anyone from spending as much time on, eg, Python, as they do now.

Re: I agree with the anonymous poster above

Thanks for you reply and for explaining your point of view. Although we don't agree, I really appreciate your effort.

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