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Re: I agree with the anonymous poster above

Strategically, of course there are a lot of Javascript apps on there mostly in the embedded world. The next question, given the strategic decision to use javascript, what will project do to attract these developers for the long term? For instance, let's say we want to approach Rovio to port Angry Birds to GNOME.. What would be the strategies involved

We didn't get to that point yet, but I think once we're happy with the state of our app development offerings, we'll push hard to get more people using it.

It's also important to note that JavaScript on other mobile platforms and JavaScript on the web (with another set of support libraries) is not the same as JavaScript + GObject. A fundamental difference is the stack below JavaScript (GNOME's or someone else's), but a near-term issue is different "dialects" of JavaScript. That last point should improve quite a bit once ECMAScript 6 is finalized in the next year or so.

So it's not necessarily compelling to port existing JavaScript apps, already written on another stack, today. It may be once we're farther along in our process, and I'm sure we'll encourage app developers once we think we're ready (or earlier, for adventurous types).

I expect gjs to get better very quickly, I expect documentation to also get better very quickly. I think that is already part of the plan given your update.

Yes, we considered documentation in our discussion; it certainly needs to improve for JS and it will be a high priority. Similar for the interpreter and developer tools.

Thanks for your questions!

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