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Hey! Thank you for volunteering! Much appreciated. I found someone else who is also interested in writing.. I bet we could come up wtih a good crowd to do this kind of stuff.

I know that Jakub was working on switching the documentation platform to using Mallard. We should probably figure out how to properly do this work. I'm clueless, but I can help coordinate.

Well, I had an outline here based on the work my mentor and I did last year, but they kinda haven't mentioned it at all and I'm feeling kind of depressed at the moment like nothing I did in the internship matters.

Their plans on the hackfest wiki pages sound better thought out, I just want to know what I can do to help and whether I have to start everything over from scratch.

Reposted as my LJ account because it flagged my OpenID comment as spam.

Hey jewel fox! The material you created for your internship looks excellent. I'll definitely give it a prominent place in the redesigned developer.gnome.org. As for the future, I think we need to figure out what documentation is missing and work from there. It would be fantastic if you could help with this. We should probably get together with the documentation team to work this out; I'll be sure to invite you to any discussions we have.

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