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It is comical seeing people rant at this decision... in a browser running JavaScript. I'm not aware of *ANY* recently-developed Linux application that rises to the level of quality of fit, finish, polish, and innovation of recent browser-based applications (the greats like Audacity, Blender, Mozilla, vlc have all been around more than a decade). If Python, Ruby, Vala, whatever are so much better than JavaScript, where's the evidence?

I look forward to the next part of your process where GNOME delivers kick-ass compatible implementations of the additional Web APIs developed by Blackberry, Mozilla, Tizen, WAC et al for audio, camera, filesystem, notifications, sensors, etc. that are slouching towards standardization. Every computing platform that isn't Apple and Android is saying "Write HTML + JavaScript + CSS apps for us". It's only Linux desktops that persist with the fantasy that offering a multitude of languages and a bunch of Linux-only APIs will somehow deliver lots of competitive applications. Be realistic and humble and seek compatibility with all the other also-rans.

My only frustration with JavaScript apps is how they are tied to privacy-sucking web sites. There's no reason why a photo editor, text editor, ToDo manager, etc. has to involve logging into some social web site. _That's_ where free Linux desktops bring real value.

Good luck!

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