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In balance, a good decision

I whole heartedly agree with the reasoning behind the choice, despite being someone who has a strong dislike for writing software in JS, and the more I think about the announcement the more I agree with it.

I've oft lamented that Gnome/Gtk+ apps written in Python use a chaotic mixture of Gnome Platform and Python libraries, whereas in Gnome apps I write I prefer to use only the Gnome platform (where possible). In fact I've been spending some time recently porting a PyGtk app to PyGobject and the next items on my to do list are to switch from using Python API's (i.e. Pickle) to using Gnome Platform API's (i.e. GSettings).

Having a small, popular, high-level language which makes use of the entire platform is a fine goal and for that, and the increasing popularity of the language, JS seems like a good choice.

At first I was a little put-off by the statement "We will encourage new applications be written in JavaScript." however, I realise this just ties in with the idea of promoting JS as a first-class citizen in terms of documentation and tooling.

A sensible decision, I think, despite by dislike of JS. I look forward to seeing how this decision affects the Gnome developer experience, particularly tooling!

Re: In balance, a good decision

Thank you, and please help out and/or stay tuned. I'm confident we can work out the issues over time. No option is perfect, or it wouldn't have even required an in-depth discussion.

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