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I'm so happy you chose a poorly specified 'OO' language whose great strength is its inability to run consistently even on only 2 popular interpreters.

But application code won't be running on 2 interpreters - it will be running through GJS.

You might see a lot of fart apps, online TODO webapps, and local webapps (wtf is this BTW?) written in Javascript, but serious people just laugh.

I would expect serious people to give us a little credit. We didn't just throw darts at a board; we reached our conclusion after a couple days of discussion between experts of each of several languages for GNOME development. The pros and cons of all the options ended pointing to JavaScript, so that's why we chose it.

If you want to provide constructive feedback instead of just laughing, please do so on the desktop devel list.

I expected a serious discussion to conclude with more serious justification.

We're serious about our conclusions and I, at least, am perfectly satisfied with our justification. I'm sorry you don't feel the same way and hope you'll agree in a few years after we're seeing the full benefits of this strategic choice.

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